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Danieli Telerobot

Q-robot roll antimix successfully commissioned at abs steel plant, italy

Q-Robot ROLL ANTIMIX has been successfully launched in production at ABS Steel plant, Italy. The system installed into the finishing line of bar bundles improves the quality of the final product verifying the proper chemical composition of all bars. Based on spectrometrical working principle, a laser-video scanning system – installed on the multi-function end-effector of the robot – provides the scanning of the whole bundle to identify the position of each bar.

One operator for each of the three shifts can be relocated with immediate effect on the ROI.

An additional increase of the ROI is achieved thanks to the automatic management of wrong bundles containing improper bars.

The solution increases at 99,9% the reliability of the ABS expediting, being for the final Customer an added value in the pre-evaluation of qualified suppliers. Mostly maintenance free, Antimix is giving a contribution to the maintenance effort reduction. The average ROI is estimated in 24 months, and the duration is forecasted in more than 20 years.

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