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remotely operated cutting

remote contamination measurement

rad waste size reduction and handling

remote inspection


Remotely operated robots, autonomous vehicles and special machines for oil & gas pipelines inspection, maintenance and service.
Remotely operated special devices for interventions in nuclear plants - inspection, maintenance, decommissioning, safety actions.

  • Robotized self-propelled pipe crawler tractor unit up to 32" pipelines - over 1000 km mission;
  • Custom diamond wire cutting machines for underwater operations down to 2500 m sea depth;
  • 32" internal closed loop field joint sandblasting machine;
  • Self-propelled buckle detectors from 10" to 48" set-up

Inspection, decommissioning and waste management facilities and tools for Italian nuclear power plants:

  • Handing and cutting robotic facility for nuclear waste for Nucleco ICS 42 plant;
  • Handing and cutting robotic facility for nuclear turbine dismantling for Sogin Garigliano NPP;
  • Chimney sampling and decontamination robot for Sogin Garigliano NPP;
  • Cutting robotic facility for steam generator dismantling for Sogin Latina NPP

Design and solution validation for the Nuclear Fusion program:

  • IFMIF program with ENEA and ITER project with IterOrg.