There are operations that man cannot do by himself, operations which cannot be done without, operations that a machine alone cannot perform.

Whether dealing with remotely operated interventions in metal industry facilities as well in nuclear power plants, in offshore subsea stations and equipment or even in the robotic medical/surgery arena we are contemplating scenarios that, although very different from one another, have as a common denominator the need of “functions” in complex and poorly structured situations and environments where every technical expertise and technology has to be integrated and merged with specific experiences, proved and tested over years of work.

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2017, 11th January

One more step towards Industry 4.0

Telerobot Labs, an Italian company specialized in robotics and headquartered in Genova, is now part of Danieli Group.

Telerobot designs, develops, manufactures, installs and starts up advanced robotic systems in the fields of mechanical and special devices, such as off-shore, nuclear and electromedical devices.

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Robotic applications created to help the operator to work better and safer, the most advanced alliance between industrial robotics and process automation in each production area: furnace, casting, rolling mills and process lines.



Remotely operated robots, autonomous vehicles and special machines for oil & gas pipelines inspection, maintenance and service, remotely operated interventions in nuclear plants - inspection, maintenance, decommissioning, safety actions.



Robotic surgery, rehabilitation devices, laboratory automation for analysis, drug preparation and delivery



humanoids, hexoskeletons, experimental special instruments and tools, green processing technologies