Our Role and Responsibilities to Our Valued Danieli Telerobot Employees, Customers and Partners (April 22nd, 2020 update)

Since the start of the lockdown we immediately started smartworking, a practice that allowed us - in compliance with government regulations - to carry out all the ongoing activities, assist our customers and satisfy every request for technical, informative support as well as in the elaboration of the offers which, fortunately, have continued to arrive almost as always. Only our manufacturing division has been temporarily suspended: this because -despite having put in place all the safety measures and procedures and being under appropriate Ateco codes- we have chosen to limit the physical presence to the bare minimum. Urgent deliveries have been respected, with the exception of those dependent on external suppliers notable to deliver.

With the same unchanged attention to safety, due to specific requests from several customers, we have resumed the manufacturing activity, for now in reduced ranks but with the confidence and the hope for a rapid recovery of our customers, our suppliers and the whole community.

For any emergencies and requests for spare parts, please use standard communications channels as email and personal mobile phones.

David Corsini, CEO Danieli Telerobot

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Operations in the steel industry, in nuclear, off-shore as well as medical field.

Different environments, same needs and challenges.

Robot design and manufacturing – special custom-fit as well as industrial robots integration – and technology transfer "in the field" of the most advanced solutions from Reserch and Academia: design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, tests, field constructions and after-sale services.